Message from our members

Pastor Paul L Matete
I do not know the name of the person who initiated this kind of Business but I want to thank him/her so much.
This is fantastic,keep up the good work which you have started.We will support you in your initiative to fight poverty.
Thank you

I wana thank God and Sura for the provision, I'm a single mom of a teenage boy going to varsity soon and I had just saved a little towards his education. But with Sura I managed to pay off my debts and now I can focus on his varsity savings every month. Oh... and I managed to change my fridge and bought a fridge that I always dreamt about.
Big ups Sura!!!!!!!!

Pastor E.S. Caluza
Testimonial: I am Pastor E.S. Caluza from Soshanguve, Pretoria.
When I first heard of Sura Pure Drinks I was skeptical.
It seemed to be like the ones I have lost money in, here and abroad. Visiting its site became tempting.
I decided to join with only R400, the last money I had in my wallet.
To my surprise I deposited in the morning but got a profit showing by 18:00 the same day. This made me amass hope.
To date before my principal matures early December I have managed to restock twice using my profit.
This is the first time I am happier with a business opportunity.
Frequenting Sura's facebook page helped me pick up the spirit of the owners, teams and members. Love, transparency and the spirit of assistance reign supreme. Where have you ever been in a company where the directors would post a 'good morning', 'good night' or 'enjoy your weekend'? Where have you ever been in a company that reminds you to withdraw on that day of withdrawals? What facsinated me the most was the 5% commission on the purchase of your downlines. Initially, I thought that was once off. When my downline made weekly orders and I got something each time this made me stood up to recruit more. My vision now is to recruit over 100 new members in 6 months time. Sura, you have changed my life entirely. Forwards ever, backwards never.
May the hand of the Lord God be over this company to forever bless it. Shalom.

My testimony shall come to pass, thank u Sura for giving me hope,
I was as good as dead before joining you, now I sleep peacefully knowing that in 10 months time I can be able to pay off this evil debts,
I am owing R200-000 loan which I lost from one of the known scheme, all my hope was gone, but by the Grace of God, Surapure gives me hope, Sura!
U are a dream come true.
U are God sends to help the needy, U are here to erase poverty, to all who are in the similar situation Surapure is here to Cancel our misery,
Surapure I Salute You.

Nokwanda Kwela
What an amazing life changing experience ,with just few days the whole family has joined and earning unbelievable returns a day ! We have seen businesses online but this one is unique ,and you cannot say its in South Africa -with their quick systems ,
I've received my commission with disbelief the way it's so quick,my neighbor is got a b&b and she said she needs to place bulk orders for her b&b ,
I am fascinated and we wish you long life of this business .
we love it like we love our selves Sura Pure !!
Lepi Manamela
I am a woman, who is not working, but at university.
I am having two children and I was not receiving any income from any source, but now with surapuredrinks I am able to support them and I also bought some academic staff with money from surapuredrinks , and what I can say is that sura has changed my live absolutely ,lastly I can sura is a solution to all.
Thanks sura

Mogane TP
I joined surapuredrinks and my life has never been the same
I had bills and couldn't afford to pay them back but now as I write this email Iam in the bank settling one of my account that I battled with for couple of years.
I have no words to express how surapuredrinks helped me.
It definitely works and the team is so helpful and friendly at all times.
May you keep up with the excellent service and the best business ever to be known in mzansi
Thank you sura

Langa, Judeth
I Started joining the Sura family end of June 2013, bare in mind my sponsor is from Limpopo and I’m in Joburg we never met face to face but communicate a lot and he is very supportive.
The business has changed not only my life but my family and friends, I have been able to pay my son’s tertiary school fees without having to obtain the loan or borrow money, we are able to eat out and support my mom at home.
On the cards right now is a plan for the 6 bedroom house that I will build it for my mom with Sura money. And I will post you the pictures. In February next year I have already booked a holiday in Cape Town with my colleague that I have just introduced. All expenses paid by Sura and I guide here everyday.
Every Wednesday, my life has never been the same, and I want to be part of every growth and plans for Sura. I would not exchange it for anything.
My sister has fired her boss already and is self-employed through sura.
Thank you guys keep going we behind you all the way.
God bless you

Nomawethu Somya
How can I begin to Thank you "Nkalakatha" Sura
Wow Im a single mother ,whom Im renting a flat ,It was difficult to make end meet ,My Salary didnt take even take me half way .
I was living in a life where by I robbed Peter to pay Paul ,couldnt sleep at night ,thinking My childs school Fees ,Petrol,Groceries ,Entertainment Clothing ,Food ,My rent
I thank God for showing me SURA ,I not there yet but I know where I want to be .
You made my dreams Alive ,You gave me a reason to live ,You Brought Hope ,
You made my Home warm !
Im praying for this company to Go Further ,I love Sura .

V.E Feni
Thanx Sura you proved yourself.My two downlines got their initial capitals yesterday of R100000 and R15000 so it is practical guys.It is not the first capitals ppl.
I really I appreciate it Suraaaaaaaa!You make me proud!!!Keep it up Sura.

V.E Feni
Greetings! I started this programme in April 2013.This programme changed my life I enjoyed every single day to be a Sura member. It never dissapointed me,payments are always on time.
I don't have words to express my happiness with Sura.Keep it up Sura!!!I love Sura!

Support Dept
To say that Sura has been a live saver, is an understatement!
1. Getting married on the 30th of Nov, Sura has made planning it a breeze.
2. I will be moving from GP to MP, resigning from my job was not a hard decision for me, because the reseller Sura program is a life line, its putting food on the table for me.
Words cannot explain my joy, siyabonga Sura!

The company has made me to provide an extra income for my mother that's a pensioner.
I've started to settle my accounts and I'm able to save for the house I'll be building I trust the company.

Wow Surapuredrinks has make me realized that I can determine my own income and the company is so transparent all departments respond in time. Love the level of communication and professionalism.
Keep up the great job and I'm so proud to promote the company daily.

I've been with surapuredrinks since the 2nd of september 2013 , sura helped me more than alot coz i was having problem with my school with money i hv told 2 pay so that i'l be able to write my exams thn october i started to withdraw money from sura account so tht i'l pay money tht i ws intended to pay n jah there are so many things i hav done since m with sura i wnt lie they helpd me too much evn nw m stil geting help 4rm them so i wana say thanks sura 4 everythng u've done for me o for us member of sura keep up god bless u!!

Derrick Nceba Makaluza
My name is Derrick Nceba Makaluza,
I joined Sura Pure Drinks business on the 17th of October 2013 with R1937,50 but today I am approaching R5000,00 in just more than one month's time.
Sura is a really profitable business I have ever seen. It has changed my life and my family's lives as well because now I no longer go around asking for money from money lenders.
I can say a lot of good things about sura, today when I made a deposit fo one of my recruits who sent me to the bank to deposit the money for her first order, I realised later that the bank teller wrote the wrong reference, I sent an email to admin, I got the response immediately.
Being involved in Sura pure drinks business has made me see that I will in no time be totally, financially free, and I advise everyone who doesn't like to be financially dependent to join this amazing business.
Keep it up Sura, keep on changing people's lives for bettre, love you Sura. Be blessed.

Matanzima Mda
I am Matanzima Mda from Cape Town.I joined Surapure drinks in May with just R300 due to financial problems ,that was the money i can afford to do my first order.I started to earn R6 profit a day .
From there i used my profit to make more orders.That helped me to raise my daily profit and their referral system helped me a lot with commissions.In just 6 months i managed to make from R6 to R105 a day .
Surapure helped me a lot to cover some of my depths.
I really trust them and i will continue to work with them.Thank you

I was on the verge of selling my car,they I put very little amount to this wonderful business,I could not afford to put a lot because I had already lost more than 50k online,thnx to sura I am now recovering.and buy April next year both my credit card will be paid up
Thank you sura you are the best

Isa Mlambo
Hi All
I came into this programme last week and i am already seeing profits in my account, wow I am loving this and I want to tell the world as I am on my way to financial freedom, Thank you Sura for being so professional, never seen anything like this before.
Kind Regards
Isa Mlambo

N.N. Nyembezi
Sura Pura, Sura Premium! This is a lifetime experience, I wal, talk, live, dream Sura. My life has changed for the better. I have never experienced such a company that has love and care for its customers. This is premium, elegance, extravaganza , u go Sura! Just one click and my profit is in my account the next day! God bless Sura, you are a perfect place to be! Thank youuuu!
N.N. Nyembezi


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